Gas Plumbing Services for Melbourne Homes and Businesses

Keep the gas flowing with our same day service, delivered by a licensed gas fitter. We work with natural gas and LPG. Fast, reliable and all work fully certified.

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Let’s get on the gas

Safely, of course! With an emphasis on a fun and hassle-free experience, our licensed plumbers can connect that new barbeque or get your gas heater roaring to life.

Maybe you need to get back on the gas? It happens. If you suspect a gas leak or your spa heater is on the blink, give us a call. Our local plumbers are available 24/7 and come armed with years of experience in solving every type of gas issue. (We could make a toilet joke here, but we pride ourselves on delivering a clean service).


you seriously went above and beyond my expectations! Your quality of workmanship, professionalism and your flexibility of working crazy hours is outstanding!! Thank you so much again”

Konce Halil

Jinavo Plumbing can help with a range of gas plumbing services:

Gas appliance installation

Gas heating

Outdoor kitchen and barbeque installation

Gas hot water system installation, maintenance, and repair

Gas leak detection

Gas line relocations, repair & renewals

Connect gas meter to gas service line

Removal of unwanted gas appliances

Gas plumbing is a serious job, and choosing a licensed gas fitter is the best option for keeping your family, staff and customers safe. At Jinavo Plumbing we certify our work, keeping your warranty intact and your insurer happy.


Need a gas plumbing service?

With decades of experience, we can tackle any gas plumbing situation.

What’s that smell?

A sulfurous or ‘rotting egg’ smell is usually one of the first signs that you have a gas leak.

Here are some other telltale signs to look out for:

Your bills are higher than usual

Your appliances aren’t working efficiently

You can hear a hissing sound coming from a gas appliance

Your gas heater is taking a long time to warm up

If you’re experiencing a gas leak, we recommend turning off the gas at the main (if safe) and extinguishing any open flames. If you are inside, open windows and doors to increase ventilation, then call us for a prompt and professional repair. A gas leak can be dangerous, but we’re ready to respond on the first dial.

Ready to discuss your next gas plumbing project? Get in touch here.

Emmanuel provided us with amazing service in detecting and repairing our gas leak this week. He attended within an hour of phoning him and kept us updated every step of the way. Great communication and service with a smile!

Hanako Larizza
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  • Need us now, call now 1300 546 286

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