Sewer Drain Inspections for Melbourne Homes and Businesses

We bring affordable and fast sewer camera inspection services to residential and commercial properties. One phone call is all you need to get your sewerage system issue diagnosed and repaired on the same day.

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They don't overcharge and are very reliable. Highly recommend Manny and his team.

Jason Schadel

Eyes in all the right places

That's what you need when you get that first whiff of sewage in your bathroom.

It's a sign that a clogged toilet is about to erupt all over your floors. Fortunately, we can see the exact cause of your blocked drains. Our fleet of licensed plumbers is local, experienced, and ready to deliver an affordable solution that will keep your sewage in the pipes, not on your floors.

But my sewer pipes are already overflowing!

That's ok, because we can help with that too. 

In addition to fixing your septic system or broken sewerage system pipes, we will also provide you with a certificate of compliance.


Get that blocked sewerage pipe inspected today.

5 signs that you need a sewer drain inspection

  • Your shower or toilets are making unusual gurgling noises

  • The sinks and toilets are slow to drain

  • There's a nasty scent of sewage inside the property or in the yard

  • The toilet is overflowing with excess water

  • Toilet paper and sewage are coming out of the inspection shaft in the yard

  • There is an unusually healthy patch of grass in the yard, indicating a broken pipe

Any one of these signs can be alarming. But at Jinavo Plumbing, we're experienced enough to calmly handle any blocked drainage you have. Our avalanche of 5-star Google reviews can attest to that.


If you suspect you have blocked sewer drains, call us now.


We are really happy with their service. They are qualified, fast into finding and fixing the issue.

Haweya Arab

There are many reasons for a blocked sewer that needs inspecting. Here are some of the usual suspects responsible for a drain blockage in the home or workplace:

  • Tree roots growing into sewerage pipes

  • An outside drain blocked with mud, leaves, gravel and other garden debris

  • Wipes and sanitary items incorrectly flushed down the toilet

  • Fat, grease, oil and large food particles washed down the kitchen sink

It might be tempting to jump online and google 'how to unblock a sewerage drain' in an attempt to do it yourself, however, we strongly recommend you not do this. You could cause more damage when unblocking drains yourself if you're using equipment that you are unfamiliar with. This can lead to pipe breakages or corrosion, which are more expensive to fix. It's much more convenient to call Jinavo Plumbing for all plumbing related services. We can use a pipe inspection camera to diagnose the problem accurately whilst you watch with a hot coffee in your hands.

Plus, we are known for delivering hassle-free service with a smile (and the odd joke as we get knee-deep in toilet troubles). So here is how we will help you with your blocked sewer pipe:

Step 1

We take your call anytime through our 24/7 emergency drain unblocking service.

Step 2

On arrival, we diagnose the cause of the blocked drainage, thoroughly explaining what we've found.

Step 3

We explain our recommended blocked drains solutions and provide a quote upfront for your approval.

Step 4

Once approved, we work quickly and professionally and tidy up when completed.

We've helped hundreds of homes and businesses around Melbourne handle a blocked sewer pipe, and there's a reason why our customers love to recommend us to their family and friends. It's our mission to be your trusted local plumbers, bringing calm and reassurance to what can often be a very (pardon the pun) shitty situation!

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Found my plumber for life and would highly recommended Jinavo Plumbing to my family and friends.Thanks again Emmanuel so grateful for the workmanship and pride you have put into our home!

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